Sky Swing

  • Sky Swing, Swing Tower the new tourist attraction
  • Passengers on board Sky Swing
  • Aerial view as seen from riding Sky Swing
  • Sky Swing, Sing Tower name sign
  • view of the Sky Swing entrance
  • The station of Sky Swing illuminated at night time


Sky Swing Attraction
  • Height: 60 meters (approx. 200')
  • Footprint: 60' wide X 64' deep x 200' tall
  • Transport Trailers: 2
  • Power requirements: 200a,400v a silent running generator
  • Set-up time: approx. 14 hours

Sky Swing

The tower of the ride is a sky scrapping 60 m high, it has 12 arms on which the seats are held, each seat holds 2 people. Once the passengers are safely loaded, the main tower slowly rotates and the arms/cars are lifted gently up into the air, giving a smooth and pleasurable experience, the ride gives a wonderful feeling of weightlessness.

In its highest position the ride reaches a height of 200 feet. Riders of all ages, can and do enjoy this wonderful attraction, a minimum height of 48'' is required to ride.
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